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Download Squad Files Over Miles does simple, direct transfers in your browser
"(...) Looking for a good, simple way to send files using only your web browser? As long as you and your recipient have the Flash plugin installed, it doesn't get much easier than Files Over Miles. (...)"
Lifehacker FilesOverMiles Shares Files Browser-to-Browser without Limits (Sort of)
"(...) Web site FilesOverMiles shares files directly between your web browser and the person you want to share with, cutting out the web server as a middleman for instant, uncapped peer-to-peer file sharing between two users. (...)"
MakeUseOf FilesOverMiles: Direct File Sharing Tool
"(...) FilesOverMiles is a direct file sharing tool for quickly and securely sending files over the internet. There is no installation or sign up and transferred files are not stored anywhere. (...)"
AntyWeb FilesOverMiles – świetny polski pomysł!
"(...) Można by powiedzieć, że jest to rozwiązanie genialne w swojej prostocie. Na pewno każdy z was nieraz miał problem z przesłaniem dużego pliku do drugiej osoby. (...)"
KillerStartups - Send Big Files Easily
"(...) The way this solution works is extremely easy and you do not have to perform any complicated task in order to send your files to anybody on the internet. (...)"
Red Ferret Files Over Miles – browser to browser file sharing
"(...) Files Over Miles seems to be the easiest file sharing site ever. (...) Bookmark this one, it’s a keeper. (...)"
sCommerce Files Over Miles Browser to Browser File Sharing Simplicity
"(...) Files Over Miles is brand new and still in beta, but probably going to get popular very quickly. (...)"
SlapStart Files Over Miles: P2P File Transfer
"(...) From a user standpoint I found Files Over Miles very easy to use. All you do is browse to the file and it returns a link. That link can be sent to others who can then download the file to their computer. As with many of these services, it’s encrypted before transfer. Of note and great admiration, they resisted the urge to make users register or leave personal information in order to use their service. Just navigate to the home page and you’re ready to go. (...)"
Devils Workshop Sharing Files Over Miles For Free – Browser to Browser!
"(...) With FilesOverMiles, there are no complications involved! Just send files directly to other users (P2P) using your browser for free. Because there is no intermediate server slowing down the process, your files are sent the shortest way - direct between you and the recipient. (...) Try it out for yourself by sending a few files… it’s really fast, easy to use, secure and effective! (...)"
techerator Files Over Miles: Browser to Browser File Sharing
"(...) A newly launched service allows you to send files (large files included) directly from your web browser to another web browser. (...)"
CentralGadget Nearly Limitless File Transfer With FilesOverMiles
"(...) Anyone who enjoys the occasional pirated movie or TV show, but sometimes likes to avoid the use of shady sites or programs, could definitely use a new file sharing site called FilesOverMiles. As the name states, this site shares any kind of file over the internet/across miles. (...)"
Geeks are Sexy Send Files from your Browser to Another Browser – Without Limits
"(...) We all know what P2P and FTP are – but did you know that with P2P you can transfer a file to someone else using only your browser? (...) The best part of all is there is no intermediary server. The service pushes the file from your machine to theirs with the shortest route in mind. It is very quick! (...)"
startupwizz FilesOverMiles – Innovative File Sharing
"(...) When I stumbled on this website, my first impression was that this would be another one of those sites which allow you to share files over the Internet. Three minutes later, I was staring intently at the site and, well, gawking. Looks like may be the next phenomenon in the file sharing community. (...)"
The Fine Art of Marketing So Simple, You Simply Must Love It!
"(...) This issue is addressed by a genius idea, which was brought to life by FilesOverMiles creators. (...) Simplicity is one of the strongest advantages of FilesOverMiles. It is well positioned in terms of the problems the users have when in certain situations they want to exchange files. It really solves your problem, when all you have is a web browser and a big file to exchange. (...)"